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Our Learning Story

Our Learning Story

École Belgo Elementary is currently enrolling approximately 345 students for the 2020-2021 school year.  Approximately 100 of our learners are enrolled in the English Program (K to grade 5), while the others are enrolled in the French Immersion Program (K to grade 6).

Each member of École Belgo Elementary is on an individual learning journey; most are also part of collective learning journeys.  As a large learning community, we started to work our way around the Spiral of Inquiry in order to identify the focus of our next learning plan. 

In the spring of 2017, we had individual and small group discussions with our students to gather information about their experiences while at school and about their learning journey.  We also invited parents to provide us with their input through an online survey.  As a staff, we looked at the information collected and provided our own thoughts.  After much discussion and collaboration, we felt the next steps to improve the experience for all learners was to invest time and energy into Social Emotional Learning.  We then decided to focus on a school-wide inquiry on Social Emotional Learning.  We discussed the different contributing factors to the emotional well-being of our students, and learned about multiple approaches to help students be ready to learn throughout the day.  Teachers engaged in small group inquiries around this topic, and developed a better understanding of strategies to support their well being as adult learners, and our students’ well-being.  We put in place strategies to continue to support all students with their social emotional learning.  We benefited from the help of different district teams, and along with the leadership of our school counselor, we created a dedicated space in the school which students can access to take a few moments to apply learned strategies and return to the “Green Zone” (where they feel ready to learn).  In order for students to be able to effectively use the space, they had to learn not only about emotions, feelings, triggers, etc.; they also had to develop the ability to reflect and self-assess.  Staff and students worked together to increase their social emotional competencies.

Social emotional competencies help students and adults be happy at school, and in other settings

In the fall of 2020, time and energy will be dedicated to “checking” our progress and possibly scanning our community once again to determine where to go from here.